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Hanji paper from an office shop in Geoje, S. Korea

Hanji (Korean Paper)


Hanji literally means 'Korean paper.'  The process of making it is a traditional, ancient art form using the inner bark of the Paper Mulberry Tree.

Dating back nearly 1000yrs, due to it's amazing strength, soft texture, flexibility  and durability.  It is known to have excellent absorption, sound proof and insulation capabilities.  It's many great qualities have led to it's many uses throughout history.  Uses such as for artwork, books, on walls/doors and even as a suit of armour after being varnished! 

Although it is difficult to compete with cheap modern papers of today, due to it's long process and distribution to specialty markets, it is a paper that remains superior despite historical and global changes.  Artists and calligraphers insist on still using Korean paper as the ink spreads evenly due to the paper's strength and lack of impurities.   

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Check out this great video by hanji artist Aimee Lee, author of "Hanji Unfurled-One Journey Into Papermaking," published by Legacy Press. aimeelee.net