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Create Your Life!

A vision board is a collage of all those things that we want to attract into our life.  It's a bit of fun and a great mindfulness exercise cutting out images and phrases, then putting them on a board.  A board or poster placed where you can see it on a daily basis.  Visualisation techniques are powerful mind exercises.  What you focus on expands.  Your mind responds to visual stimuli and your emotions stimulates the 'law of attraction.'

After moving around the world and traveling as an expat, I started to feel lost and off balance.  My life was constantly changing.  I was also looking after everyone else.  Losing sight of what I truly wanted or needed.  The first year I was back in Melbourne, my girls settled in a new school and I in the home, I sat and made a vision board!  Funny enough, one of the cut-outs is of a woman looking peaceful and all the other cut-outs around her are of things that would bring more joy and peace during a transition such as settling in once again.  It's still my favourite vision board that I have in my art studio.

Vision boards are for everyone, but they especially help those who have difficulty setting and maintaining goals.  They're used in coaching, business or simply for creative times.  Energy is saved by putting your visions in front of you rather than holding them just in your mind's eye.  You truly start to focus so much more on the things you want, rather than what you don't.  Make it positive!  The Universe is listening! 

During a workshop you will...

  • Set an intention for the session
  • Get grounded during a guided meditation
  • Gain clarity by writing out goals for various aspects of your life
  • Learn why a vision works at manifesting your desires.
  • Have fun and be supported with other like-minded souls who are also on a purposeful journey like yourself.
  • Supplies, nibbles and drinks included for $55/pp

Give it a go....Create Your Life! AND learn more about yourself.

***If the event dates I host don't suit you, then grab a few friends and book your own gathering***


I really enjoyed doing a vision board workshop with Heather. She has a calm, warm, and friendly approach and I found this was a really great way of collecting many ideas in my head and expressing them in a visual format. There was a nice creative side to this with no skills necessary so this is great for anyone to try. I also really liked the spiritual aspect of the workshop as well because I think we are often too busy with life to reflect on our inner needs and desires. Thank you Heather for an enjoyable, inspiring and valuable afternoon!

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I looking forward to helping you create a life you want to love during times of change and transitions.

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